33 Google Analytics Alternatives You Can Try Today

Google Analytics Alternatives

Looking for Google Analytics alternatives?

In the digital-driven world we live in, relevant and reliable insights are essential for the growth of your website, blog or business.
You need to analyze your traffic sources, keep track of your website’s visitors, and your marketing campaigns in order to improve your performance.
Google Analytics has become synonymous with free web analytics and is likely the first service that springs to mind when you see the term “web analytics.”
But did you that there are many Google Analytics alternatives you can use if you are simply fed up with giving Google a lot of your data, or want to gather more unique metrics for your web marketing campaigns.
In this post, you’ll discover great Google Analytics alternatives you can try. Some are free while others are premium solutions.
Check them out to find the ones that can give you the most actionable results.


Piwik is a popular free and open source web analytics application that lets you track your website’s visitors and marketing campaigns. It’s being used by over 3M websites at the time of writing this article.

You can use Piwik to know more about your visitors and their behavior on your website – where they came from (referrers), which pages are most popular, how often they visit and which marketing campaigns have been successful.

For WordPress users, you can use the WP-Piwik plugin to add a Piwik stats site to your WordPress dashboard and the Piwik tracking code to your blog.


Clicky is an easy-to-use web analytics platform that lets you monitor, analyze, and react to your traffic in real time.

Features include:

  • Real time reporting on your traffic
  • Analyze individual visitors and their actions
  •  Real time heatmap data
  •  On-site analytics
  •  Site uptime monitoring
  •  Alerts

Pricing: Clicky is free for 1 website with up to 3000 daily visitors. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for websites with more traffic.


Gauges prides itself in helping you focus on your most actionable website traffic metrics in real time – how many visitors come to your site, where they come from, and where they go. And you can quickly share traffic data with team members as well.

You can try Gauges free for 7 days after which pricing starts at $6 per month.


StatCounter is another real-time web analytics tool that among others lets you monitor popular pages, entry and exit pages, traffic sources, keywords, visitor paths and visit length, pageload activity, and visitor location.

Their free service is aimed at websites with 250,000 pageloads per month or less. For larger websites, pricing starts at $5 per month.
There is also a StatCounter plugin for WordPress users.


Zoom Analytics is an intuitive platform intended for marketers, businesses, and companies that want to gain an advantage over their competitors with their online presence.

It focuses largely on boosting conversions and provides unique insights to help you make right decisions, e.g which of your squeeze pages is converting best and how to reduce bounce rate on a certain page.
You get a 30-day free trial after pricing starts at $23 per month.


OWA is another open source web analytics platform that lets you track and analyze how people use your website and even  applications.

The main reporting and analytics dashboard (which is quite similar to Google Analytics btw) includes heat maps, visitor tracking, geo-location, custom actions, search terms, click-stream reporting, returning visitors, and more.


MixPanel claims to be the most advanced analytics tool for mobile and web. Instead of only focusing on pageviews, it helps you understand the specific actions people take while in your website or product.

MixPanel can help you answer questions like, ‘How do my app’s users invite their friends?’, ’Which Google Adwords campaigns give us the most paying customers?’, and ‘How are points distributed for the people that play my game?’, and much more.
Their pricing model is based on data points, counted every time you track an event (eg a song play, comment, etc). Free for up to 25 000 monthly data points and starting at $150 monthly thereafter.


This premium web analytics platform provides you simple, real-time web analytics that includes heat maps. You can track your visitors on the go, uncover hourly, daily or monthly breakdowns, and receive desktop alerts whenever a custom event is triggered.
You can try Reinvigorate for 14 days after which pricing starts at $10 per month.


Foxmetrics is an advanced real-time analytics platform that lets you collect and analyze your visitors actions within your desktop, mobile, and web applications.

You can track customer events ( customer views a page, purchases an item, updates an email, uses a feature or clicks a banner), page views, unique visits, visitors, files, bounce rates, exit rates, and much more.
You can try Foxmetrics free for 14 days after which pricing starts at $20 monthly.


Kissmetrics is a premium web analytics platform that lets you understand what real people are doing on your site, where they came from and who buys what.

You can know who’s in each step of your funnels, group people into different batches based on an action, search for a group of people that meets a set of conditions you want, and get to know what an individual person has done.
You can try Kissmetrics for 14 days after which pricing starts at $179 per month.


Woopra is a real-time customer analytics platform that goes beyond pageviews and events. It lets you understand your customers in terms of who they are, where they found you and how they engage with you.

Woopra will also help you identify problems in your conversion funnels so you can fix them, get to know at what points your customers lose interest, and notify you based on customer activity.
They offer a basic free plan for up to 30 000 actions/month. The premium packages start at $79 per month.


Extremetracking is a web analytics platform that lets you see where your visitors came from, search engine queries, keywords, Geo-location, OS, Display Resolutions, among others. You can also get detailed information per visitor such as IP address, system information, and keywords up to the exact path the visitor traveled through your site.

The pro package offers more advanced features and starts at $5 per month. A major downside with the free version is that you’ve got to have an eXTReMe Tracking button on your website which also links to your reports. This means anyone can view your site statistics.


Crawltrack is more than just a web analytics tool. Besides tracking visitors and traffic sources, you can also secure your website from hackers using this tool.

Crawltrack is open-source, meaning you can implement it on your website for free. Check out this tutorial on Seochat.com for detailed tips and techniques to get the most out of crawltrack


ExtraWatch is a premium real-time web analytics platform with click heatmaps and click tracking that lets you see where your visitors come from and their behavior on your website.

It helps you understand what people are doing on your website, monitor button and link clicks, traffic flow through your pages, provides a click heatmap, monitor downloads, among others.
Additionally, you get a list of the keywords that users used to find you so you can optimize, monitor you directory sizes and database status.
Unlike most of the other platforms on this list that feature monthly subscriptions, ExtraWatch PRO requires one-time payment of $13.95 and is compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, among other CMS.


This grandfather of web analytics is today still one of the most comprehensive and accomplished web analytics providers.

With Webtrends’ dashboard, you can combine your most important reports for immediate insight into how you business is performing, identify which websites and marketing initiatives are driving new visitors, how your keywords perform, analyze effectiveness of your content, segmentation, and much more.
Additionally, with Webtrends’ social media analytics feature, you can easily monitor social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to find out what people are saying about your brand or product.


Sitemeter provides real time website tracking and counter tools that give you vital information and data about your sites audience. Detailed reporting lets you have a clear picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more.

Their free basic plan allows you to better understand who’s visiting your site, where your customers are coming from, and where they’re going within your site.
With site meter premium, starts at $6.95, you get the ability to track more visitors, generate ranked reports for quicker, easier analysis, and view moving trends over a week or month.


GoStats is a hit counter & web analytics platform that can help you get a wealth of data about your web site traffic and how visitors use your site.

With their free web stats counters package, you get features including information on page views, return visitors, and page popularity, and is a quick and easy to use tool for determining how many people visit your website.
The professional web stats counters package has more features unlocked and starts at 12 USD monthly.


W3counter is a free (for websites with less than 5000 daily page views) real time web analytics and visitor counter platform that helps you learn about your site visitors- where they come from, how they use your site and which pages they love.
Their customizable visit counter lets you choose from nearly 100 counter styles, from simple badges to real-time visitor counts.


Wp-slimstat is a WordPress plugin that provides WordPress users comprehensive data on their traffic sources in an easy-to-understand interface.

The plugin lets you learn who is doing stuff on your site(real time), where they are from, what sites or search engines they came from, what content they’ve been viewing, and whether or not they’re a human or a bot.

20. MINT

Mint is an extensible server-based web analytics program that you can buy licenses to for $30 per site.

It tracks traffic trends, referrals, search trends, and has many extensible peppers which let you track other stuff like browser type, country origin, internal searches, outbound clicks, and hottest and coldest page trends.


GoSquared claims to be the most powerful real time analytics dashboard with a state-of-the-art analytics platform that ensures you can spot traffic spikes and issues the instant they occur.
Additionally, GoSquared can help you fix mistakes such as forgetting to proof read your landing page, or sending an email out with a broken link.

More features include one click analytics, visitor analytics, eCommerce analytics, social media analytics, daily reports, support for team members, and post-pageview analytics.
You can try GoSquared for 14 days after which pricing starts at $14 per month.


Addfreestats is a free real-time web analytics platform that helps you keep track of how many people visit your website, when they come, how they found your website pages, and much more.
You can also use the Addfreestats free poll feature to track the opinions of your visitors. Additionally, there is a WordPress Plugin for WordPress users.


Chartbeat is a premium real-time web analytics suite for publishers that allows them to know who’s on their website and what they’re doing, and helps them build a loyal audience.

You can see how many people are on your website in real time and how they’re engaging with your content, which traffic sources drive the most visitors, and which social media sites are sending you traffic.
Along with referrers, you can also measure how many visitors from a specific referrer return to your site, and how many visitors move from one article to another in one visit. Pricing starts at $9.95 per month.


Onestat is a real-time intelligence web analytics platform that lets you track visitor behavior, search engines, online sales and marketing campaigns.
You can use Onestat to improve visitor experience and ROI of marketing campaigns- features like one click fraud detection to improve performance of your pay per click campaigns.
The company also offers server and website performance monitoring service to optimize uptime and website speed.


GoingUp is a free platform that provides first class web analytics and SEO tools that can help improve your website’s performance in one easy to use place.

Key Features

  • Web stats
  • Traffic trend analysis
  • Referring Keywords
  • Recent Visitor Locations
  • Recent Visitor Map
  • Actions & Goals
  • Heat Maps
  • Inbound Link Monitoring
  • Page Optimizer Tool

Pricing: Free for unlimited number of websites


3Dstats is a professional real time web analytics and statistics solution for webmasters and marketers that can help you optimize your website marketing campaigns.

Main Features

  • Real-time visitor profiles and traffic pattern analysis and reports
  • Track requests and orders for your online advertising campaigns
  • Conversion Reportin
  • Password protected reports
  • Track flash based websites
  • Advanced statistics – Know which pages are most popular, exit pages, referrers, search engines, and reports for each page

Pricing: Pricing starts at $9.95 for up to 20 000 monthly page views. There is a one-time $29.95 fee for each account when setting up multiple websites and monthly fee will be based on the total page views delivered by all websites.


Web-stat is a premium real-time traffic analysis solution that allows you to view live traffic stats, referrers, and live visitor maps, among other details.

Key Features

  • Live traffic stats
  • Referrer Tracker
  • Live visitor map
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Site uptime monitoring
  • Geo-customization
  • Event tracking

Pricing: Pricing starts at $5 per month for the basic plan and $9.95 for the premium plan. A 15-day free trial is available.


Clicktale is a premium web analytics platform that lets you visualize the behavior of your visitors and optimize your website’s performance. It offers the unique ability to record and watch a visitor’s click path along with heat maps.

Key Features

  • Real time monitor
  • Session playbacks
  • Heatmap analytics
  • Conversion paths
  • Segmentation


Opentracker is a premium solution for website & mobile app analytics, website Lead gathering and other big-data traffic reporting.

Key Features

  • Search all visitor data
  • Visitor labeling and tags
  • Real-time reporting
  • Geo-location data
  • Track events and properties
  • Company identification
  • Track unique visitors

Pricing: Starts at 19.95 EURO per month for up to 250 000 events.


Hitlinks is a premium web analytics solution by Net Applications that can help you learn more about your visitors by monitoring and analyzing your website traffic.

Key Features

  • Real-time dynamic segmentation
  • Traffic, Social Media, Mobile and eCommerce Tracking
  • Customizable reports
  • Search engine marketing features
  • Support for unlimited sub-accounts
  • E-Mail Traffic and eCommerce Alerts
  • Export and email your reports

Pricing: Starts at $19.95 for the professional account. A 30-day trial period is available.


VisiStat’s Web Analytics solution is a premium platform that provides insights on your website performance, engagement and visitor behavior.
It can help you determine how visitors got to your site, where they are spending their time, what they are looking for, and how they navigate.

VisiStat Web Analytics Reports Include:

  • Popular Pages
  • Visitor Totals
  • Referral Links
  • Global Stats
  • Computer Stats
  • Search Engines


Heap Analytics is premium web analytics platform that can help you track interactions on your websites and iOS apps.

Key Features

  • Instant and retroactive analytics
  • Event tracking and event visualizer
  • Capture every user action
  • Graphs and segmentation

Pricing: The Company offers a free version for up to 5k monthly visitors. Their start up package starts at $59 for up to 25k monthly visits. A 14-day free trial is available.


NextSTAT is a web analytics application designed to help you understand your visitors by tracking their behavior on your website.
You can be able see where your visitors are coming from, what they are doing on your site, and where they are headed to when they leave.

Key Features

  • Quick snapshot dashboard
  • Real-time analytics
  • Visitor profiles
  • Traffic patterns
  • Interactive maps
  • Marketing conversion reports
  • Technographics
  • Click Paths

Pricing: The Company provides a free 30-day trial after which pricing starts at $9.95 per month.


Although this list is quite long, there is no way I could have exhausted all the Google analytics alternatives out there.

That would probably take me until Christmas.

If there is one I have missed and you believe it should be on this list (or one that shouldn’t), kindly let me know in the comments below so I can include it when I next update this list.

You can also check out this big list of web analytics software on Wikipedia for more Google analytics alternatives.

P.S. Managing the data of short-tail and long-tail keywords can be challenging at scale. Use a tool like Linkio to keep your various keywords organized.

Have you tried any of these tools? Which analytics program do you primarily use?

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