norbertprofilepic Hi, my name is Norbert. I'm the main person behind Digitalboost Web Solutions.
Digitalboost is all about helping you create more awareness about your business, products or services, reach and acquire new customers, and continue building meaningful relationships with those you've done business with before.
My webmaster story began in 2010 when I build my first website.
Since then, I've been building up my experience with different web technologies all the while refining my expertise and knowledge.
All of that has culminated in my current skill set which allows me to provide efficient & reliable web marketing solutions that help people build, grow and earn the most from their online investments.
My mission is to help you establish an effective online presence in timely and cost efficient fashion.
My work principles:
  • Focus on solving problems and all else will follow
  • Commitment to client-satisfaction through remarkable service
  • Build open and honest relationships with communication
  • Embrace a "win-win" strategy
  • Listen well & act decisively
  • Pursue growth & Learning
I currently reside in Nairobi (Kenya) and love consulting with small businesses, developing effective websites and helping normal people make the most of open source technologies.
I also love spending time outside, reading and following current affairs and all things entrepreneurship.
I'm eager and excited to help you in any way I can!
If you have any questions kindly contact me

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